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奠基儀式現場 ? gmp Architekten


On 30th March, 2019, the foundation stone ceremony of the China National Arts & Crafts Museum, which is designed by gmp · von Gerkan, Marg and Partners and CABR, took place in Beijing. The China National Arts & Crafts Museum (CNACM) is located in the Culture Complex Zone in plot B02 which is supposed to add cultural facilities to the landscape, sports and entertainment features within the Olympic Green. The historical importance of this area as the northern end of the central axis of Beijing requires a timeless and noble elegance of buildings, which on the one hand represents the modernity of today’s China as well as the long-lasting tradition of the country.

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東廣場日景 ? gmp Architekten


The overall architectural concept draws inspiration from the proportion relation of the Hall of Supreme Harmony, a masterpiece of Chinese classical buildings. The architectural plan presents a bilateral symmetry with a central axis in the middle. The elevation is composed of stone base, transparent podium level and floating treasure box from bottom up. The treasure box is in the same warm yellow color of the glazed tile used in the double-eave hipped roof of the Hall of Supreme Harmony. Through a concise architectural approach facilitated by modern technology and materials, as well as the patterns of a treasure box commonly seen in arts and craftsworks, the facade presents imperceptible and diversified changes of color, luster and level on a homogeneous and integral surface, and furthermore, serves as a showcase of the extensive and profound culture of Chinese arts and craftsand intangible cultural heritage. 

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西廣場夜景 ?gmp Architekten


The roof of the CNACM is in the shape of “a floating treasure box” cladded with Chinese traditional patterns of latticewindow. The Project erects in the form of a floating treasure box, responding to the Olympic Green in terms of urban space and architectural landscape and highlighting the special cultural tension of the CNACM. The CNACM, while offering visitors a place to appreciate culture and history, also creates a typical platform in the Olympic Green to envision and represent the development of Beijing. A warm copper-tone outer grid curtain inspired by traditional pattern is wrapped around the treasure boxes which indicate Chinese traditional craftwork and culture. This sun-shading layer is the frame for the different interior functions that shine through the perforated paravent invarious appearances, giving the volume a lively and varied character.

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西廣場南側視角 ? gmp Architekten


The China Arts and Crafts Museum is expected to be completed in June 2021. As a national exhibition space, the completed CNACM will fully display the intangible cultural heritage and arts and crafts of China. This will also be another national cultural project that gmp has built following the renovation and expansion of the National Museum of China.


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